Android Media Center: Archos 35 Home Connect


Archos 35 Home Connect, Calendar and AlarmsFrench company Archos has launched Archos 35 Home Connect, an Android-based portable device designed for one’s home.

At $149 (£95), the Archos 35 Home Connect is many things rolled into one. It is a radio, capable of receiving streaming audio feeds from 50000 stations and 120000 radio shows from around the world. This is possible thanks to the TuneIn web radio application.

It is an alarm clock that allows you to wake up to your favourite songs from a stored playlist or by listening to your favourite local internet radio station. In fact, you can store any sound you want to wake up to and that’s your alarm. Cool, eh?

The 3.5” display screen shows you the time, should you need to check time halfway through the night. It also displays local traffic conditions, so you can figure out if you really have the time to crawl back into bed for another ten minute snooze.

The audio quality is good, thanks largely due to the built-in high definition speakers in specially designed cases.

The internal storage of 4GB can be augmented up to 16 GB using microSD cards. The Archos 35 Home Connect has Wi-Fi connectivity and is a full UPnP device, which means you can even stream music and videos from your laptop.

Weighing just around 250 grams, the Archos 35 Home Connect is truly lightweight. It comes with an integrated stand that lets you keep it easily on your dresser. It has a pretty decent battery and is therefore a handy travel companion as well. You can even play games on it, if you’re waiting at an airport to board a delayed flight.Archos 35 Home Connect, MoviesArchos 35 Home Connect, News FeedsArchos 35 Home Connect, Playing GamesARCHOS remote control app for Android, works with the Archos 35 Home Connect.

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