Gumball Pinball Machine


Gumball Pinball MachineWhat do you get if you cross a pinball machine with a gumball dispenser? The designers at Hammacher Schlemmer found that the result is a gumball pinball machine.

For $1000 (£637), you can get an exclusive Hammacher Schlemmer gumball pinball machine. When you turn the crank, the machine releases three 1” gumballs into the baseball themed playing area. The area has are four “win” holes and three “lose” holes.

Your task, as a player, is to use the two spring-loaded flippers to smack the three gumballs into the “win” holes. Gumballs that get into the “win” holes are yours for the taking; those that go into the “lose” holes are collected separately for refilling the hopper.

The game is made of durable powder-coated steel, tempered safety glass and Plexiglas. It is quite large (52″ H x 18″ W x 32″ D) and weighs almost 45 Kg.

The game comes preloaded with 850 gumballs that are stored in the “backglass” hopper. The hopper can store up to 1700 gumballs. The entire operation is mechanical, and uses no electricity.

To be honest, there’s nothing new about the concept in the sense that versions with bouncy balls and other spherical candy have been adorning arcades and restaurants for years, possibly tens of years.

You might want to consider buying one of these for your home, if only to teach your kids the value of earning their candy, although it would be an expensive lesson to be sure.

Or you could get one for your office so that your employees get to take their mind off work for a couple of minutes as they swat the gumballs into the “win” holes before eating the candy.

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