Galaxy Tablet Dock, Sleek with High Quality Sound


Galaxy Tab Speaker DockIt is perhaps testament to Samsung’s growing market share in the world mobile phone and tablet market that accessories are being designed and produced specially for Samsung devices.

iLuv, the New York city-headquartered company so well known for its accessories for the Apple iPod and other devices, is launching the iLuvArtStation Pro, the world’s first speaker dock for the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

This is only the start of many more such accessories under the “Designed for Samsung Mobile” partnership between Samsung and iLuv.

Priced at $150 (£95), the iLuvArtStation Pro is expected to go on sale in the US this month. It is expected to be available in the UK sometime in February 2012, although the price is not known yet. If you’re finicky about model numbers, the iLuvArtStation Pro for Samsung Galaxy Tab is called iSM254.

You can mount your Galaxy Tab on the iLuvArtStation Pro either in portrait or landscape position. You can rotate it easily from one position to another as well, to optimize viewing angle.

The speaker dock uses iLuv’s proprietary jAura acoustics to deliver high quality sound based on separate channel drivers for treble, mid-range and bass.

The iLuvArtStation Pro uses magnets to attach itself to the Galaxy Tab. It comes with an infrared remote control which means you don’t have to get out of your comfortable beanbag or bed just to adjust volume or turn the device off.

And yes, it is compatible with all sizes of the Samsung Galaxy Tab including the 7.7” and the 8.9”.

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