Smartphone Friendly SmarTouch Gloves


SmarTouch GlovesHave your parents ever bought you a pair of those cosy grippy socks that seem to be everywhere at Christmas? They may seem like a rubbish stocking filler, but the idea behind them is brilliant.

Totes Isotoner have made those grippy socks for years, but now they have decided to make something for your hands instead. Don’t get too excited though, these aren’t gloves that’ll help you grip onto walls like a mini Spiderman – these are strictly gloves for gadgeting.

How many of you have ever tried and subsequently failed to work your smart phones or tablet devices in the frostier UK winter climes? If you keep your fingers cosy in a pair of gloves all that you do is slip all over the screen, if you brave the cold you end up with very little sensation in your fingers and can’t work the touch screens anyway.

Well, the SmarTouch gloves, from Isotoner, let you tap, scroll, and pinch zoom on all of your iPhones, iPads and Android devices alike. You can retain all of your phone’s usability without having to succumb to frost bite.

The SmarTouch gloves are available now and can be yours for just £14.99. Don’t worry, you don’t have to stick to safe black either, these little wonders are available in a range of colours, so you can let your inner fashionista out whilst you enjoy all of your touch screen devices. Who knows, if you’re really good, maybe Santa will pop these under the tree alongside a new iPad 2.SmarTouch Gloves, Styles.

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