M55 Expands Terminus e-bike Range


M55 Expands Terminus e-bike RangeNothing’s worth having nowadays, unless it has a technological element attached to it. Budapest’s prestigious M55 e-bike studio have been relatively successful over the last few years with their e-bike range and are now expanding further by adding a number of variations to their original range.

As a nod to this, they new collection has been named the ‘Classic’ collection and its latest bike is the Airbrush Edition. Let’s check out the specifications shall we?

The new Classic e-bike has a brushless electrical assist motor which can provide you with up to 110 Nm of rear wheel torque, MXR air shocks.

The bikes can reach a top speed of 43.5mph and you can choose how much battery power you’d like included, depending on how far you’re thinking about travelling.

This is certainly one for all of you style conscious bikers out there; you can also choose to adorn your custom paint job with your own logo or an attractive scroll of your name. If you’re a true creative, why not decorate it with your latest artistic epiphany.

If you’re not too impressed with colour, but do love a bit of bling you might want to consider the Royal Edition instead – your custom paint job will be replaced with Swarovski crystal, precious (and real) gemstones and depending on your personal preference silver or gold carbon.

You can purchase these bikes now, they currently retail from upwards of £25,000. I bet that push bike in your shed is looking a bit more attractive to you now you’ve seen that price.M55 Royal edition with gleaming crystals mounted all over.The M55 Terminus Biceps edition.Royal edition, covered in gemstones with gold or silver carbon.Custom made Gebhart-M55 aluminum chainrings, and custom made M55 aluminum cranks.

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