Spectacular Bridge Concept for Wuxi Xidong Park, China


Planned Bridge for Wuxi Xidong Park, ChinaChina is an amazing place. Far removed from the Western world and dripping with sights and culture. There are already numerous places for you to visit out there, including the 798 Art District, Beijing’s Forbidden City, the Yellow Mountains, the Yangtze River and obviously the Great Wall.

Chinese design group L & A Design have decided to added another ‘must see attraction’ to the Jiangsu region of the country. They have created plans for a brand new and one day (hopefully) iconic pedestrian bridge which will go across the north and south shores of Wuxi Xidong Central Park.

They even have plans for an island in the middle of the structure. The addition of an island will give any visitors access to gorgeous waterfront views. The final designs for the bridge show that it will illuminate at night to provide a truly spectacular sight for all to behold.

It will be made from lightweight steel and will also incorporate coloured panels. The bridge will also allow you traffic free access to the nearby Jiangsu city centre.

Thanks to ramp access, the structure can be enjoyed by pretty much everyone. When in China, do like the Chinese and enjoy a spot of tea too.

The country is famous for their delicate tipples, and with the added tea room facilities within the Bridge’s garden area you’ll really be able to immerse yourself in the culture.

There’s no word yet on when the structure will be finished (or started for that matter) so don’t go booking any flights just yet.Concept Bridge for Wuxi Xidong Park, China.Concept Bridge for Wuxi Xidong Park, China.Concept Bridge for Wuxi Xidong Park, China.Concept Bridge for Wuxi Xidong Park, China.

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