iPhone Controlled Helicopter, the HELO TC


HELO TC: iDevice Helicopter, Side View.What’s Christmas without a few toys? That’s right – boring. Toys don’t just entertain children either. It doesn’t matter if you’re an intellectual sort who’s hoping for a Kindle under the tree, or a sporty so and so who’s had their eye on a cross trainer, there’s always room for some frivolous fun.

There’s nothing as fun as a flying machine. Taking to the air, loop de looping, hours of entertainment. The HELO TC isn’t like your ordinary, run of the mill RC helicopters, it’s an iDevice helicopter.

You need a smartphone or tablet to control the device. You simply download a free app onto your compatible device and then you can take to the skies!

It even comes with added extras like flight path recording and route planning around your furniture obstacles. Unfortunately this isn’t a rechargeable unit. You’ll need four AAA batteries to get it off the ground.

The HELO TC iDevice Helicopter is available now from Griffin and costs $49.99 (£30). Don’t forget that you need to factor some rechargeable batteries into that price too, as the iDevice Helicopter doesn’t come with any, which is a bit tight at Christmas.

It may be a step up from the average RC helicopters that have been on the market for the last few years, but when you remember that most of these toys lay in a broken, crumpled heap by Boxing Day, you may want to plump for a cheaper model instead. Or do the smart thing and get someone else to buy one for you!HELO TC: iDevice HelicopterHELO TC: iDevice Helicopter, Front View.HELO TC: iDevice Helicopter, ControllerHELO TC: iDevice Helicopter, Flying

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