Brabus 800: World’s Fastest & Most Powerful Luxury Coupe


Brabus 800 Coupe.Do you have a need for speed? Is that push bike in the back of your shed not quite delivering everything you need? You could always pick up a pair of rocket powered skates, or if danger isn’t your middle name, you could settle on a new Coupe instead.

Based on the Mercedes Benz CL600, the new Brabus 800 Coupe is a serious speed demon. It packs a V12 engine, with 788 horsepower and 1420Nm of torque. It can reach 124mph in 10.3 seconds and can go from zero to sixty in just under four seconds.

If Brabus are to be believed, the 800 is the fastest luxury range four seater car that you can buy. It also has a six piston front brake system and a four piston back brake system.

There’s a rather fetching cream leather interior with diamond stitching too, which is remarkably suave. The matt surfaces feature a particularly racy chequered flag design to make you feel like the ultimate boy (or girl) racer as well.

You can order a Brabus 800 now. If you’re particularly flush at the moment, you can get one for $639,000 (£410,000) – small change really. Alternatively you can save a few pennies by adding the customisations to your old CL600.

Well if you haven’t gotten around to buying one of these yet, it must be because you already have a Mercedes Benz – right? Don’t expect to save that much cash though, you won’t just be adding a new bumper or a wing mirror or two – it’ll be an overhaul.The Brabus 800: World's Fastest Luxury Coupe.The Brabus 800The Brabus 800: World's Fastest Luxury Coupe, Inside.The Brabus 800: The Engine.

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