Mo-Tool, Multi Functional Gadget


Mo-Tool, Multi Functional GadgetWe all love multi purpose gadgets. From Swiss Army Knives to Sporks, these little wonders make the simple things in life a little bit simpler. Brooke & Hunter have a new multi-tool to make your outdoor life less complicated. Pay attention to the details – this gadget could save your life one day.

The Mo-Tool delivers more tools than you’ll probably know how to use, but don’t worry about that, because they could come in handy at a later date. So what will you get for the currently undisclosed price tag?

You get an axe, a hammer, screwdrivers (that’s right, plural) some knives, a wire cutter, can opener, a file, a wrench, and I’m pretty sure there’s a cuddly toy and a kitchen sink in there too, you just need to really fiddle with it to find them.

If you end up on a desert island after a plane crash, you could make yourself a house with all the mod cons you’re used too with the Mo-Tool.

Also in the event of a zombie apocalypse, you can dispatch any unworldly foes with the Mo-Tool and barricade yourself within a shelter too. Alternatively, you could just take it camping – to open tins of beans and stuff.

The Brook & Hunter Mo-Tool is currently priced at $49.95 and is available on their site.

Mo-Tool, Multi Functional Gadget in BlackMo-Tool, Multi Functional Gadget with a wood handle.Mo-Tool, All-in-One Tool

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