magnetU – Real Social Networking


magnetUAre you lonely? Does the tiny number of people in your Facebook friends list leave you depressed? Maybe you can’t even fill your speed dial.

With the influx of new technology over the last twenty years we have been increasingly isolated from each other. Even if you have a massive list of friends and followers on your social networking site, it’s quite possible that you rarely speak to them or have never actually met them.

There’s only so much that you can get from virtual contact, and if you are craving actual contact, magnet U could be for you. This is another type of social networking device, but it doesn’t have all of the flashy games and the self indulgent status updates that you’ve no doubt become used to.

You might even find love with one of these gadgets. They take all of your details, such as location, age and personal preferences and then compares them with the details of the people who also have the magnetU and are within a certain distance from you.

When a perfect match is found, you’ll get a text to your mobile phone or receive an email, depending on the set up you choose.

But will this device really work? Firstly, we need to assume that everyone will be honest about their flaws and what they are actually like.

Secondly who will use it? What will stop a sexual predator from lying about their age to find a “perfect match” for themselves? Dodgy.

The magnetU is going to be tested on students at selected colleges in early 2012.magnetUmagnetU - Offline Social NetworkingYaron Moradi, Founder and CEO at magnetU.magnetU, the Application on a Phone.

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