Click Dip-Switch Watch, Oozing Geekiness


Click Dip-Switch WatchWhat can a watch do? Tell you the time, wake you up with alarms? Some have extra functions like countdown timers and calculators too. That’s alright I suppose, but how would you like to own a watch than can take you back in time?

Before you get too excited, scientists haven’t actually found a way for you to go all Marty McFly, but they have found a way to transport you back to the arcades of the eighties – simply by wearing a flashy wrist watch.

Anyone of a certain age will immediately recognise the blinking lights and exposed circuitry on display here. This probably isn’t a gift for those used to the polished technology of today, but is sure to be a hit with everyone born pre 1990.

The Click Dip Switch watch does exactly what is says on the tin (or rather the snazzy circuit board that it comes in). The watch features a bar graph time display which can show 12 or 24 hour time, as well as the month week and day.

You can check the time in the dark too, thanks to the watch’s handy backlight. The strap is the absolute embodiment of geek chic too – it’s designed like an electronics ribbon.

There may be a slight learning curve involved though, each of the click switches does something different, so be prepared to flick lots of switches to get the display you want.

The Click Dip Switch Watch is available now and retails for just under $149.99 (£100).Click Dip-Switch WatchClick Dip-Switch Watch, Circuit Board Packaging

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