Water-Powered Rocket Boots, The Flyboard


Flyboard FlippingGiven a chance, we would all love to walk on water. If you have a jet ski and are willing to invest another $6600 to buy the Flyboard, you may well be able to walk on water. The Flyboard is the name given to a pair of rocket boots.

It works quite like the water-powered jetpack. The Flyboard is attached to your feet, with nozzles and tubes strapped to your arms. Water from a jet ski is pumped up a tube. When the water thus pumped up is ejected from nozzles at high speed, it creates a thrust that gets you airborne.

The device is based on the principle of jet propulsion, which in turn represents Newton’s third law of motion in action, viz. every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So when the water shoots out through the nozzles, an equal force is created in the opposite direction. This force propels the wearer of the rocket boots upwards.

By controlling the direction of the nozzles through which water is ejected, you can control the axes of thrust and thus control the direction in which you move. The Flyboard is primarily meant for use when you’re holidaying around a water body like a lake.

It probably won’t be long before the concept is adapted for use in a James Bond movie. I can almost imagine the opening sequence showing Mr. Bond shooting at his opponents and deftly avoiding being shot himself by deftly manipulating the bells and whistles that “Q” has added to a special version of the Flyboard. Remember this article should that ever often.Flyboard DivingFlyboard Flying HighFlyboardThe Flyboard

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