Ladybug Night Light, Projecting Stars


Constellation Projecting Ladybug Night LightEven today, most children tend to be afraid of the dark and need a night light to reassure them that they’re safe in their bedrooms. Mum sleeping right next to them is ideal, but a comforting light is an acceptable option even for the current generation of “digital natives”.

Why not combine utility and fun, reasoned the designers at Constellation, who have come up with a light that is shaped like a ladybird, and can project light on to the ceiling of the room. In fact, this product has won the National Parenting Publications Honours Award in the US.

The “shell” of the ladybird, made of translucent plastic, comprises seven sections. Each section has small apertures through which light projects onto the ceiling when you switch it on. You can choose from red, blue or green backlight. In fact, what’s projected on the ceiling is the shape of various constellations.

A book that accompanies the ladybird lamp contains shapes of the various constellations. It is quite handy for you, as the parent, to learn the names of constellations (if you don’t already know them) and teach them to your child. The lamp is powered by 3 AAA batteries.

Once you turn the lamp on, it switches off automatically after 45 minutes. If your child isn’t asleep by then, simply turn it on for another 45-minute cycle. If you’re lying next to the child, the possibility exists that you go to sleep, while the child is happily awake.

The lamp weighs about 600 grams and measures 14”x8”x4.5”. It is priced at $35, excluding another $5 for the 3 AAA batteries.Constellation Projecting Ladybug Night Light

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