Foldable Shoes from Timberland: Radler Trail Camp


Timberland Radler Trail CampBlessed is the traveller who can pack light, and this is perhaps even more true if you’re a camper or hiker who has to carry his or her backpack.

Someone at Timberland took the advice to be flexible at work very seriously. That’s what legends of innovation are made of, for the company has recently launched the Men’s Radler Trail Camp shoes. What’s special about these shoes is that they are foldable in half.

They can be folded flat inside a rubber pouch, which can be compactly packed inside your backpack. This frees up space for carrying an extra set of underclothes or something equally vital.

The Radler Trail Camp shoes are primarily designed for hiking and camping. They are made of durable water repellent ripstop fabric. This makes the shoes lightweight and water-repellent, two critical characteristics for camping shoes. The shoes are lined with fleece on the inside for added comfort and warmth.

The rubber lug outsoles provide superior traction, which is important while negotiating slippery surfaces. The rubber used is 42% recycled, which is another aspect that will make these shoes attractive to those who are environmentally conscious.

After the trek, should you wish not to put your dirty shoes inside your backpack, simply pack them into their pouch and attach the pouch to your backpack with a carabiner.

The Timberland Men’s Radler Trail Camp shoes are priced at $65 and are available in black, red and orange colours.  Right now, you can buy the orange shoes at a special price of $50.Timberland Radler Trail CampTimberland Radler Trail CampTimberland Radler Trail CampTimberland Radler Trail Camp

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