iLaunch Thunder, iPhone Remote Rocket Launcher


iLaunch ThunderIf the bloodthirsty streak inside you is not satiated by the virtual games you play on your computer or iDevice, the iLaunch Thunder from Brando may help.

This gadget, as its name suggests, is a missile launcher capable of launching 4 up to missiles. What the “i” in its name denotes is that it can be controlled by your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch using Bluetooth connectivity.

The iLaunch Thunder can sweep across a 270 degree angle in the horizontal plane and a 40 degree angle in the vertical plane. The “missiles” it launches can travel a range of almost 7 metres. The Launcher is powered by a rechargeable battery.

The Launcher can be triggered from a distance of 30 metres using your iDevice. But to do so, you do need to download the iLaunch Controller app on to your iDevice. Once you have the app, you can use the iDevice’s g-sensor or the touchscreen buttons to bring your launcher in position vis-à-vis the target.

If you can visually zero in on your unsuspecting target, she or he won’t even know what or who caused the attack- unless your violent laughter or hard-to-control giggles give the game away. Don’t overdo it, though, for your target can simply take away the “missiles” and destroy them. Considering that you get only five missiles along with the iLaunch Thunder, be careful!

This gadget is available for $82 till December 15; after that, prices go up to $97. So if your sensor has locked in on buying the iLaunch Thunder, buy it soon.iLaunch Thunder, ready for action.iLaunch Thunder, in the box.

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