Electronic Drum Machine Shirt


Electronic Drum Machine ShirtIn the past, ThinkGeek has come out with some really cool musical T-shirts. I do not mean T-shirts with images of musical instruments; I mean T-shirts that have embedded electronics that replicate the sounds of guitars and drum sets.

Now, ThinkGeek has launched a T-shirt that features an electronic drum machine and looper. All that remains is for the person wearing the T-shirt or anyone else, for that matter, to tap the pads on the front of the T-shirt. The amplifier and speaker that come with the T-shirt are handy if you want to pump up the volume. But you’re just as easily welcome to listen to your beats using the privacy of your headphones.

The Electronic Drum Machine T-shirt comes with 9 different drum kits from rock drums to techno-punk to discotek. If you like your creation, you can even record it (but only up to 3 minutes) and play it back. You can layer beats and build it up.

Of course, you need batteries to run all the electronics. In fact, you will need 4 AA batteries. Battery life will depend on how loudly you listen to your beats and how long you practise making music. The Electronic Drum Machine T-shirt is priced at $30, excluding the price of batteries.

If you have a drum-crazy friend and are not sure what to get him for Christmas, maybe what you’ve just read will help. But I can’t help wondering if this would make a suitable gift for a female friend. Making music in public view might just get a tad awkward, don’t you think?Electronic Drum Machine Shirt, DJElectronic Drum Machine Shirt, AmplifierElectronic Drum Machine Shirt

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