Lightning Reaction Game, Shockingly Good Fun


Lightning Reaction GameIf your neighbours complain that they’re shocked by your parties, maybe it’s time to hit back. Sneakily, of course, or else, you’ll be found out. Had Lightning reaction existed back in the days of Nicolo Machiavelli, and had anyone sought his advice on parties, he might have suggested a party with the guests playing the Lightning Reaction game.

He might further have advised that the games begin only after the guests have had a few rounds of drinks inside them. At its core, Lightning Reaction is a battery-operated game that comprises 4 controllers attached to the base unit. In the middle of the base unit is a light. Up to 4 players can play the game at one time.

When the light glows, each of the players has to press the button on his or her controller. The one who is slowest to react gets a mild electric shock. Now do you get the connection with inviting annoying neighbours and getting them at least mildly intoxicated? Yes, I thought you might get the picture.

You can adjust the intensity of shock, should you so choose. The time interval at which the light glows is random. If you are planning to spend the $30 (£19.99) to buy the Lightning Reaction, please make sure you keep it out of reach of children.

In fact, do not allow kids below 15 years of age play this game. And no, this is not to be played in a pool or tub or wherever there is water- even if 4 adults are playing.Lightning Reaction Game

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