Inflatable Tent, The Cave by Heimplanet


Inflatable Tent, the Cave by HeimplanetThe geodesic dome, invented by Buckminster Fuller, is a structural shape that optimizes space. There is an entire family of carbon molecules that occur in nature in this shape.

Fittingly, they are called Fullerenes. The geodesic dome concept has now been applied to creating a tent that is not only pretty spacious, but also remarkably easy to erect. In fact, it apparently takes just about a minute to set up.

Now, you might think this takes away from the satisfaction of driving all those tent pegs while braving heavy rain or battling fierce winds. On the other hand, though, think of the pleasures of quickly getting to enjoy the security and comfort of protection from the elements and making yourself a nice, hot cup of tea on your portable stove.

That’s what is so attractive about the geodesic cave tent, invented by Stefan Clauss and Stefan Diekhoff. 8 years after they got their original idea, they are now ready to sell their tents to anyone who is willing to pay $650 ($420) plus shipping.

Their company is called Heimplanet. Apart from the geodesic shape, what is elegant about this tent is that it uses an inflatable skeleton. This eliminates the need for poles, which is what makes it so easy to erect.

The entire tent is made up of an inner and an outer layer of high strength fly sheet. All you need to do is to connect it to a large air pump and inflate it. When deflated, the geodesic tent measures 50cm x 30cm x 20cm and weighs a little over 5kg.The Cave Inflatable Tent,  in the WoodsThe Cave Inflatable Tent,  Camping & SurfingThe Cave Inflatable Tent, Camping in the HillsThe Cave Inflatable Tent, Inside View

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