Drift HD Action Sports Camera, 1080p Video


Drift HD Action CameraImagine if you could show your friends exactly the same sights that you saw as you “lifted off” from behind a high-speed boat as you went parasailing over some vast blue-green water body.

With the Drift HD action camera clipped to your helmet, that’s exactly what you can do. The latest version of this camera looks about 25% smaller than its predecessor. It retains the 1.5” display but has an upgraded, 9 megapixel camera.

In the earlier model, damage to the lens meant the entire unit had to be shipped back to the manufacturer. Not so anymore, as you can simply unscrew the damaged lens and replace it with a new one.

A water-resistant hatch at the rear makes it resistant to splashes of water, snow and dust. Drift plans to launch a waterproof housing soon, so if you plan to use the camera in submerged conditions, make sure you do so only after you get the waterproof housing.

A micro-HDMI port allows you to stream video from your Drift HD action camera to your LCD TV. A nice way to refresh your memory about that holiday, wouldn’t you say? But perhaps showing the video with friends who missed the trip might just end up making them jealous.

So do be careful when you show it to them, and make sure there’s lot of food and wine to dull their senses. I’m only half serious, you know!

The Drift HD action “point-of-view” cam will set you back by about $370, should you be wondering how much the pleasure of making your friends envy your trip might cost. And that’s not counting the afore-mentioned food and libation.Drift HD Action Camera, on a Moto-X HelmetDrift HD Action Camera, in the SnowDrift HD Action Camera, on a Snowboarding / Skiing HelmetDrift HD Action Camera - Back

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