MobileOne iPhone Fingerprint Device


MobileOne Fingerprint DeviceIf you are like me, you’ll be really sick of hearing people coo “there’s an app for that”. It is true though.

Whether you are looking for something useful like a torch on your phone, a card reader or a weather checking, or you are a fan of the more ridiculous like X-ray scanners and soundboards, you’ll no doubt be familiar with mobile applications. That is unless you’ve held on to your old Nokia 3310 for the last ten years.

Apple’s iPhone can be seen as the instigating force behind the global app markets that have sprung up and exploded over the last few years.

After coming up with some truly marvellous applications and adding wonderful new features to each new incarnation of the iPhone, it appears Apple are now going for a worthier use for their smart phones than simply playing Angry Birds. They are going after the seediest characters in the world.

OK so it’s not an app in the normal sense of the word and it does require that a slip cover is popped over the phone, but it is rather amazing.

With the Mobile One device you can fingerprint whoever decides to steal your phone and if the crook who’s pocketed your device is a serial offender their identity will be automatically revealed from their fingerprints.

Who knows your misfortune might even identify a terrorist and help to put them behind bars for good. OK it’s unlikely that a terrorist will steal your phone, but with a gadget this cool you needn’t think small.

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