eSleeper: Hi-Tech Cats Pad, Sends Tweets


eSleeper Allows Cats to Tweet
Have you given up on love? Have you decided to devote your time to caring for some cats instead? Or are you one of the crazy individuals who prefer to own a cat instead of a dog?

Whatever your reason for having a feline companion, you’ll no doubt agree that how ever cuddly these cats appear to be, they can be tricky customers to please.

Take their sleeping requirements. Once they have decided on a place to sleep, they won’t make and concessions on it. This can make moving about and going away a nightmare if you need to take your cat with you or leave them with a friend.

One cat lover, Sam Cox, is well aware of this problem and has come up with an interesting solution.

Before iMacs, there were eMacs. I’m sure you remember them – large screens that housed everything you needed for your Apple OS experience. They were really popular during their time and were quite the fashion computing product.

Well Sam had one lying around and has gutted it and turned its shell into a comfy sleeping area. That may sound a bit boring, but it isn’t just a bed. It’s an eSleeper.

The eSleeper allows you to track your cat’s sleeping patterns and even tweet them. It’s all been made possible with a variety of LED lights, ethernet connections, infrared beams and geek know-how. Sam has further ambitions for his new computer cat pad range. His next idea is to turn a DVD disk drive into an automatic cat biscuit feeder.eSleeper Allows Cats to Tweet

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