Extreme Sports Case for the iPhone: Optrix HD Sport


Optrix HD SportWe already know that our iOS powered devices are more than just the sum of their parts. They can turn into 8mm cameras, play crisp video, download new music, they can become watches with the addition of a snazzy strap and even show you which stars are in the sky.

They keep adding strings to their technological bow too. Say hello to the Optrix HD. With the Optrix HD, you can turn your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad2 into a High Definition action sports camera.

According to Optrix, this is the perfect accessory for all you sports enthusiasts out there. It offers full 1080p HD and comes with a case that is rugged and waterproof, so you can run about in as much rain as you like and be as clumsy as you can, because any tumbles you or your iOS device take will be protected.

So if you are a sporty sort who likes to take photos or record video of your on-the-go antics, the Optrix HD could be the perfect iOS addition for you. The Optrix HD is available now and currently retails at £50.

It’s not super expensive, but as an accessory it is a little pricey. If you are really serious about capturing your sporty experiences you may want to invest in a hard wearing camera instead.

If you don’t fancy splashing any cash, you could always pop it on your Christmas list instead. If you’ve been good this year, it might just find its way under your tree.Optrix HD SportOptrix HD SportOptrix HD SportOptrix HD Sport

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