Type a Painting with the Chromatic Typewriter


Chromatic TypewriterBefore computers and word processors, there were typewriters. No matter how bad your handwriting was, you could type up a letter and know that it could be easily read by whoever you needed to send it to. Sadly not many people appreciate the beauty of a typewriter anymore. Artist Tyree Callahan does though.

He’s taken an old 1937 Underwood Standard typewriter and done something extraordinary with it. He’s turned it into an automatic art machine. The chromatic typewriter doesn’t use typewriter ribbons to produce text.

Instead with each press of the key a burst of watercolour paint is released. Artist Tyree chose his colour palette from an available chart online. One of the biggest problems with the Chromatic typewriter is that it requires that paint be refilled manually each time you use the key that it’s assigned to.
So if you were to assign a colour to each key you couldn’t really expect to produce anything but a rainbow in one sitting.

If you like the sound of the Chromatic typewriter and want one yourself, too bad. Short of making one, you’re out of luck. Tyree Callahan only made his typewriter to use in his work as an artist.

There are a number of other typewriters out there like this, cocktail fans may be interested in the drink mixing typewriters that are available. Alternatively you can check out some of Tyree Callahan’s work online.

Unfortunately he hasn’t shown any Chromatic produced works. Perhaps they aren’t as dazzling as he expected them to be.Chromatic TypewriterChromatic TypewriterChromatic TypewriterTyree

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