Pocket Camcorder Projector: 3M CP45


3M CP45 Pocket Camcorder ProjectorDo you remember when everyone got really excited about pocket projectors? Yeah, I don’t either. Alright, who wouldn’t want to have an impromptu movie showing wherever they may be? The trouble is it’s only a great idea in theory.

You will most likely never be in a perfect situation or environment to use one of these portable gadgets, and if you are you’ll probably be in someone’s house, where they have a big screen TV or actual projector anyway.

3M have had a little think and decided that their CP45 Pocket Camcorder projector is still worth a go. Well it does have that nifty camcorder angle going for it. Its spec isn’t too bad.

The CP45 can shoot HD video, take 5 megapixel still shots and can even manage a bit of digital zooming too. It comes packed with 2GB of memory too, which isn’t much but will manage around 150 minutes of HD video recording, and can play up to 100 minutes of video on a single charge, not enough time for Return of the King, but more than enough for a frothy rom com.

If you like to playback your film making efforts on a large scale you can do so by purchasing one of these nifty little pocket camcorder projectors.

The 3M CP45 will set you back $299 (£299.99). Yes it’s pretty cool, but can this amount of cool justify that amount of price? Only you have the answer to that question.3M CP45 Pocket Camcorder Projector

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