Travel Router from Belkin


Belkin Travel RouterBefore you set off on holiday or away for a work trip, you need to make sure you have all of your clothing and protective essentials. Then there’s your electrical goods, you’ll need a shaver, your phone, maybe your touchscreen tablet too, and of course all the wires and plugs that keep them going too. You don’t have to worry about internet access though right?

Maybe you do. Not all hotels offer it as standard in their rooms. You may be forced to check your emails on a ten year old PC that still uses 56k dial up, face the charges of using your 3G network abroad, or worse still you could be without access completely during your entire trip.

I know going away is generally about relaxing, but who can relax without a good tweet or status update these days! Well you’ve no doubt already packed some travel plugs, so why not protect yourself against internet woes and pack a travel router too.

Belkin’s new travel router is perfect for popping into your suitcase. It’s really compact and would easily fit in your carry on luggage is you were worried about losing your suitcase at customs.

It allows you to connect to any WiFi hotspots in the area that you are staying in and is really easy to set up. You simply plug it in and watch it pick up all of the available signals. Then you input the personal ID number of your device and you’re ready to start browsing the web.Belkin Travel Router: CaseBelkin Travel Router: Back of the Router

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