Harvesting Wave Energy, bioWAVE Concept from BioPower


bioWAVE System from BioPowerAre you a scuba diving fan? Have you ever tried to scuba dive through a bull kelp forest? If you have, you’ll know that it’s an absolute nightmare. First of all, it just doesn’t stand still, secondly it obscures your vision of all the beautiful things that probably got you into your scuba gear in the first place.

It isn’t exactly easy to pull out either, as it’s anchored to the sea floor, and its continuous motion can make water conditions quite dangerous. Well Australia’s BioPower Systems, have had enough of this and have come up with a solution that will take something back from these, until now, useless additions to the sea bed.

Their theoretical bioWAVE system has just been given a cash injection by the Victorian Minister for Energy and resources, to the tune of £3.3 mil. Thanks to this generous grant, BioPower Systems can now go ahead with their device, which works with wave actions.

Triangular foundations are installed on the sea floor, they have central columns which extend upwards to a central bladed column. This is attached to the triangular foundation by a pivoting hinge.

The movement of the bull kelp in the water then acts with these pivoting columns, powering their generators with their movement against the columns blades. The generators then convert this kinetic energy into electricity that will run through subsea cables and into your home.

According to bioWAVE, these new contraptions won’t spoil the look of the landscape either. Unlike other wave powered generators, the bioWAVE has hardly any hardware on the surface of the water.bioWAVE System from BioPower

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