Flying Robots Build A Tower


Flying Robots Build A TowerPretty much everyone in the world has seen a robot movie at least once. You may have seen the massive and adaptable Transformers, the frighteningly life like AI or the down right stupid Johnny Five. Depending on your perspective on such films, these electronic contraptions have either delighted or annoyed you.

If you’re a science and technology fan, you’d have no doubt seen the latest ASIMO real robots that have gone into production, which unfortunately never reach the potential of the movie robots that can smash apart cities and perform complicated tasks – this was all confined to the movies… until now!

Well, sort of. Robot technology specialists, Parrot, have designed a robot an A.R. drone which can build. That’s right, it actually does something useful. We aren’t talking about building wooden toys or little gadgets either.

These robots can construct buildings. So far the A.R.drones have managed to construct a 1500 block, 20 foot tall structure, which is housed within the FRAC centre. They may only be building with polystyrene bricks at the moment, but give them time and these mechanically winged grafters could be putting up your new house.

If you work in construction, you may want to start planning a career move. These robots only ask that their batteries get juiced once in a while and don’t ask for any money in return for their work.

They can’t speak either, so female embarrassment from wolf whistling or jeering, will be gone too. You could always think about going into robot maintenance instead.Flying Robots Build A Tower

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