Skipark 360: 700 Meter Indoor Ski Slope in Sweden


Skipark 360Imagine having an indoor ski resort capable of hosting the world skiing championships. Yes, you read that right, an indoor ski resort! In a couple of years, work is all set to start in the forests of Balsta, which is about 45 minutes away from Stockholm in Sweden.

The Skipark 360°, as it’s to be called, is billed as the world’s largest indoor ski resort and will be designed to ensure that skiing is possible even during bad winters. This will especially be a boon for the country’s elite athletes, who can then expect to train all year-round.

This facility, designed by CF Møller Architects, will house an indoor ski slope large enough to meet the requirements of hosting a World Cup. The slope will measure 700 metres in length, and features a drop of 160 metres.

Skipark 360° will also feature a 3.5 Km cross-country skiing tunnel, as well as areas for ice hockey, figure skating and snowboarding. It will also have shops, restaurants, spas, and hotels with conference facilities.

This ambitious project is expected to cost roughly between US$219 million and US$292 million. Apart from being the world’s largest indoor ski facility, Skipark 360° also aims at another distinction: it is envisaged that the entire building will be self-sufficient in terms of meeting its energy requirements.

The designers plan to achieve this by tapping into renewable sources of energy, such as solar, wind and hydro power, as well as geothermal heating.

The surge of adrenaline as you ski down a slope is similar to what you experience when you have achieved more than your target for the year. So you may want to consider holding your next sales conference at Skipark 360°; it may just be the setting to motivate your sales force to even greater heights – just don’t break any legs!

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