Samsung Flexible Tablet Concept Video


Samsung Flexible AMOLED TabletInnovation is a powerful source of competitive advantage in business. What makes innovation even more powerful is if it is delivered swiftly. Nowhere is this dynamic as visible as it is in the mobile phone industry.

A couple of months ago, Nokia showcased its flexible phone prototype, announcing that a commercial launch was possibly a couple of years away. Weeks after Nokia’s announcement, Samsung announced its plans to launch its first flexible-display AMOLED phone as early as in 2012.

Now, Samsung’s Mobile Display division has put together a concept video of what may well be the future of the tablet. The video is enthralling, as it shows a device with a transparent sheet-like screen. This flexible AMOLED touch-screen device is shown as being able to capture images, read news, watch videos and so on.

The acronym OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode, while the acronym AMOLED expands to Active Matrix OLED. Today, OLEDS are available in rigid form.
However, soon, flexible OLEDS are expected and that’s the technological miracle that will underpin devices like the bendy mobile or tablet. Indeed, the potential use of flexible OLEDS extends to embedding them in buildings, fabrics, and wherever else.

But before we all get too excited about a bendy tablet like what is shown in the Korean video being available in time for next Christmas, let me say that we’re still possibly some years away from such a concept becoming reality.

After all, the flexible OLEDS need to be powered by some source that lends itself to even greater miniaturization and physical flexibility in its form factor.

Take a look at Samsung’s video:Samsung Flexible AMOLED Tablet.Samsung Flexible AMOLED Tablet

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