Memo Touch: Tablet For Seniors


Memo Touch: Tablet For SeniorsA natural result of rising longevity is that there are more and more senior citizens across the world. This is also an attractive demographic segment for marketers, which is why one sees many products that are specifically targeted at seniors.

The Memo Touch tablet is one such gadget. It is based on the 10’ Archos 101 tablet, and customised for the needs of seniors. It displays the date and time prominently, something that is especially useful for seniors. It allows professional caregivers or family members to update instructions and reminders remotely.

Using the “pillbox” feature, the user can be reminded of the medicines s/he needs to take and the dosage. This helps improve patient compliance, something that can go awry in people with degenerative memory disorders like early-stage dementia.

Frequently-called numbers, including those for emergency services can be accessed easily. In case of an emergency, the user only has to press the “Help” button, an action that immediately sends an SMS (text message) or e-mail to the caregiver. Of course, the mobile number and e-mail address of the caregiver needs to be fed into the device.

The Memo Touch runs on Android. Its creators say that users do not need any computer experience to use the device. They say the software is designed in a way that prevents users from accidentally getting lost in a maze of menus.

The Memo Touch is priced at US$300. An additional $300 per year gets you the internet access needed for all the remote management, emergency e-mails etc. You can also purchase 6 months of internet access for $180.

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