Big Blue Wireless Speakers


Big Blue Wireless SpeakerInnovation is all about adapting something for use in hitherto unknown ways. Not surprisingly, Bluetooth technology, which was originally created for “hands-free” mobile phone conversations while driving, is now being used to stream music wirelessly to a specially-designed speaker.

That’s where Big Blue Audio Company comes in. To put it more precisely, this is where their Big Blue Tabletop and Live Wireless Speakers come in. Pair these speakers with Bluetooth-enabled devices like a portable media player or a smartphone or tablet, and you can listen wirelessly to music.

Watch a video on your screen as you listen to the audio through your Bluetooth speakers. You can even listen to internet radio through these speakers. In fact, you can even browse the web, catching up with the latest news or weather, as you let your favourite music elevate your mood.

Both the Tabletop and Live models come with Big Blue Audio’s “Power. Pair. Play” signature interface. The Tabletop speaker comes with full-range speaker drivers, a subwoofer, a passive radiator for bass and an AUX in/out. It measures 9.5”x5”x5.7” and is priced at $150.

The much smaller Big Blue Live model offers full-range wireless sound with dual stereo speakers. It measures a more compact 5”x2.5”x2.3” and is priced at $100. It is meant more as a travel accessory. Both models are available in black or white.

Considering that Blue Audio is a division of Brookstone, it should not surprise you to learn that you can buy these speakers at Brookstone stores or via their website.Big Blue Wireless SpeakerBig Blue Wireless SpeakerBig Blue Wireless Speaker

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