Yamaha Y125 Motorcycle Concept, Capable of 220 mpg


Yamaha Concept MotorbikeAt first sight, one can be forgiven for thinking that Yamaha’s Y125 is a bicycle. But it’s really a 125 cc motorcycle that is so lightweight (compared to other petrol-driven motorcycles) that it looks more like a bicycle.

Unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show in November, the Yamaha Y125 concept is modelled on the YA-1, the company’s first motorcycle. But where the YA-1 weighed 140 Kg and was powered by a 2 stroke engine, the 4 stroke Y125 weighs just about 80 Kg.

It is this huge reduction in weight, made possible by the advances in composites and material science made over the last three decades, combined with advances in engine technology that allows the Y125 to deliver a phenomenal 80 Km/l.

The way crude prices have moved up in the last three years (and are likely to move in the future, given the chaos that seems to rule many oil-producing parts of the world) the Y125’s fuel efficiency alone will make it a bestseller. One doesn’t yet know much about the emission profile of the Y125, but suffice it to say that it will not be unimportant.

The modern must co-exist with the retro, for that is the only sure sign of progress. So it is with the Y125. The rear wheel is driven by a belt rather than a chain, and the bike boasts LED lights.

The fact that the Y125 delivers almost twice the horsepower of the YA-1 means this motorcycle will be equally at home in congested city traffic and the highway. Provided, of course, it is stable enough should you be unfortunate enough to be stuck in high-velocity winds.Yamaha Concept Motorbike, EngineYamaha Concept MotorbikeYamaha Concept MotorbikeYamaha Concept Motorbike

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