Tetra-Shed: Modular Office Pods


Tetra-Shed: Office PodArchitect David Ajasa-Adekunle has designed the Tetra-Shed, a modular building system that can easily be used to build units for a variety of applications such as exhibition spaces or an office outdoors.

Each unit can comfortably accommodate two people, and multiple units can be configured to suit one’s needs. As many units can be connected as there is space available.

The concept seems ideal for people who have enough space in their yard or garden to create a temporary home-office from which they can work during the summers. Depending on their line of work, they may even be able to draw inspiration from a cloudless sky or flowers in bloom.

It appears that the Tetra-Shed is made of sheets of plywood. The inside surfaces are lined with birch-faced plywood or plasterboard. The exteriors are treated for all-weather use and are waterproof, termite-proof and soundproof. Fold-out panels serve the purpose of windows, rain-shades and windows.

According to the web site, Tetra-Sheds, which are expected to be available in January 2012, will be available in any colour (RAL finish). You can also get the Tetra-Sheds in copper, zinc, Corten steel or marine plywood-clad exteriors.

There is still no indication of price, which is always a key factor for a product that is perhaps a “discretionary” purchase for most people.

For those who associate an office with a box-like space that is rectangular in shape, the pyramidal Tetra-Shed may look a little odd. But from the pictures on their web-site, it sure looks like a neat idea.Tetra-Shed: Office PodTetra-Shed: Office Pod, ClosedTetra-Shed: Office Pod, FormationTetra-Shed: Office Pod, Inside

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