Retro Handset for Mobile Phones: the iMobifone


iMobifone Retro HandsetWould you pay $25 to significantly reduce the risk of cancer? Of course you would- I know I would! No, it’s no snake oil that I write about today; I am describing the iMobiphone.

The idea itself is simplicity itself. In fact, it’s so simple that I wonder why nobody thought of it earlier. Think back to clunky fixed-line telephones going back say, twenty years. The mouthpiece and earpiece were both fused into one unit so that you listened through the one and spoke into the other.

Conventional fixed-line instruments “tethered” the person using the phone to a few feet of the base unit. The mobile phone revolution saw more and more phones becoming wireless, as cell phones and cordless phones became the norm.

And then came all this research that by using mobile phones, your risk of cancer increases manifold. That led to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and so on. Now, along comes the iMobiphone, which essentially comprises a retro style mouthpiece and earpiece with a long cable that lets you plug into your cell phone, smartphone or tablet and start talking into it.

The mobile handset is several feet away from you, and that distance, it is hoped, will reduce the risk of cancer. The iMobiphone comes in a choice of five colours- black, silver, blue, red and pink. It also has an adjustable belt holder to keep the actual handset safe.

Personally, I quite like the concept, especially if I am working at my desk and don’t really need a Bluetooth headset or earpiece. Only time will tell if others see it the same way too.iMobifone Retro Handset

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