Megaphone Horn Speaker for iPhone and iPod


Megaphone Horn, Finished in GoldThe more things change, the more they remain the same. As the French put it so eloquently, “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose”. There now seems to be a boom in things that look retro.

If the Apple iPhone or iPod Touch represent icons of modern technology and design, say hello to its newest retro accessory, the “Megaphone for iPhones”. This device is basically a sound amplifier, except that it is truly a “green” product as it needs no power.

Shaped much like a loudhailer (remember those horn-shaped devices used a century ago to communicate with a large number of people, like on a ship), the Megaphone for iPhones is shaped like a giant horn. It is supported by a stand made from hand-carved natural wood.

All you need to do is to select what song or playlist you want to listen to, remove any earphones and place it in a vertical position inside the narrow end of the device. Then sit back and enjoy your favourite music. The Megaphone itself has no volume control or indeed, any other settings on it, which is why it does not need any power.

A limitation of this device is that because of the intrinsic nature of sound wave propagation, the best amplification will occur only for those people who are directly across the other end of the horn.

The Megaphone is itself handmade from ceramic material, which means it’s fragile. You have a choice of three colour choices- white, black and gold. The colour determines the price; the black and white models are priced at US$536 (£340), with the one in gold costing US$804 (£510).Megaphone Horn, Finished in BlackMegaphone Horn, Finished in WhiteMegaphone Horn, Available in White, Black and GoldiPhone Megaphone Horn Box

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