LeapPad Explorer, Learning Tablet for Children


Leapfrog LeapPad ExplorerLet’s face it, children are no longer content with a colouring book and some crayons. Why would they want to use those, when they can produce a crisper effect on the PC? It’s sad but it’s true, times have just moved on.

Trouble is, as much as we love our children, they’re notoriously sticky little things, and the thought of letting them go wild with our iPads or Android tablets will no doubt sends shivers through your spines. Luckily there are some child friendly options available, and you won’t have to pay iPad 2 prices for them.

Leapfrog’s new LeapPad Explorer is a brand new tablet has been designed specifically for 4 to 9 year olds. The metal and glass of your iPads and Android tablets has been replaced here with durable green and white plastic.

So your little tykes can throw it around as much as they want with very little risk of breaking it. It comes with a built in camera too. So, all bases covered here.

The LeapPad Explorer comes with a number of free child friendly apps, including Pet Pad, Sneak Peaks, Art Studio, Story Studio, and My Books. The LeapPad has its own app store too, but you won’t find many 69p apps available.

The relatively cheap LeapPad seems to be making a bit more money back on their apps as they are all priced between £5 and £15 – ouch! The Leapfrog LeapPad Explorer is out now, and can be yours (or rather you child’s) for £80.Leapfrog LeapPad ExplorerLeapfrog LeapPad ExplorerLeapfrog LeapPad Explorer in HandLeapfrog LeapPad Explorer, Side View

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