Iguana 29 Amphibious Vehicle


Iguana 29 Amphibian Tender Vessel, Driving up the BeachWe’ve all been there, you’re enjoying a lovely country drive and then you spot a lake on the horizon. It’s a perfect day for a jaunt across the water, but you haven’t got a boat and it’s too late to arrange for the hire of one.

Wouldn’t it be great if your car could do the same job? Yes, it would actually. The Iguana 29 is a new twist on the not exactly popular amphibious vehicles of the last few years.

It uses caterpillar tracks on land to provide you with up to 5mph across bumpy land. These tracks are retractable for over the water, where you can achieve an up to 35 knot speed. It may not be the fastest machine, but you have to agree that it’s pretty cool – James Bond wouldn’t look out of place in one of these.

This is a very adaptable vehicle; its caterpillar tracks allow it to make its way across almost any terrain, and its onshore 40 hp engine is pretty impressive too. On land steering is done with a joystick, which may take some time to get used to.

Unlike most of the amphibious vehicles, this one doesn’t disappoint in the style stakes either. The designers have done an excellent job here.

The Iguana 29 isn’t a vehicle for the Average Joe. When it arrives it’ll carry a rather large price tag of $287,300 (£185,000).

So if you really want one, start saving your spare pennies now, or failing that try to find a long lost rich uncle who can lend you his.Iguana 29 Amphibian Tender Vessel, on the BeachIguana 29 Amphibian Tender Vessel, Caterpillar TracksIguana 29 Amphibian Tender Vessel, Caterpillar TracksIguana 29 Amphibian Tender Vessel, at Sea

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