Fujifilm X-S1 Bridge Camera


Fujifilm X-S1 Bridge Camera, Front ViewFujifilm’s premium X series range of cameras sees a new addition in the form of the X-S1, which is bridge camera. In other words, it is designed to occupy the space between compact point-and-shoot cameras for the amateur or neophyte photographers, and the DSLR models that are the realm of the more experienced professional shutterbugs.

The X-S1 comes with a 12 megapixel EXR CMOS sensor, built-in flash and the ability to record HD video. Its 26x superzoom means its lens operates within a focal range between 24-624 mm. The super electron beam coating on all lens elements reduces ghosting and lens flare.

Fujifilm says that its Intelligent Digital Zoom capability effectively doubles the focal range without causing soft edges or otherwise adversely impacting image quality.

That means clear pictures even across long distances. At the other end of the focal length, the Super Macro mode allows you to take pictures of objects that are as close as 1-2 cm. The X-S1 is comfortable even in low-light ambience, thanks to its sensitivity range of ISO100-ISO3200.

When you need to take that picture of a lifetime, you can’t afford to wait for minutes to get the camera all ready to shoot. The X-S1 is ready for action in as little as 0.6 seconds, using the Quick Start mode. You can shoot at 7 fps at full resolution, and at 10 fps at a lower resolution. You can record full 1080 p video with stereo sound at 30 fps.

A 3’” 460000 dot resolution tilting LCD display is available for you to review your pictures as well as for navigating through menus and settings. The inbuilt HDMI port allows you to connect the camera to an LED or LCD TV or high definition monitor. The Lithium ion battery is supposed to give you 460 pictures on a full charge.

Knowing that users are likely to use the X-S1 in a range of environments, it has been sealed against dust and moisture. This camera is not cheap though, and is likely to be priced in the UK at around US$1,088 (£700).Fujifilm X-S1 Bridge Camera, Front View, Zoom LensFujifilm X-S1 Bridge Camera, Top ViewFujifilm X-S1 Bridge Camera, Back ViewFujifilm X-S1 Bridge Camera, Back View, Movable Screen

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