Protexo Helps Asthmatics While Sleeping


ProtexoAsthma sucks. It really, really does. It restricts your breath and makes things that are relatively simple for most people ridiculously hard for you.

You also have the added inconvenience of having to carry an inhaler around, just in case you have an asthma attack, because if you don’t, you might stop breathing altogether.

It isn’t just the day time that’s hard for asthma sufferers either, the night time can be just as rough, if not worse. It’s one of the most frustrating things to suffer with.

Well, Swedish medical technology company, Airsonett don’t care for asthma either, and are trying to give asthmatics a break with their new Protexo device.

According to research undertaken by the company, the heat that escapes from our bodies whilst we sleep disperses dust particles that are on our bed sheets and transports them to our noses whilst we are still snoozing. Dust particles are one of the worst irritants for asthma sufferers.

Airsonnett’s Protexo tries to combat this problem, by blowing filtered air that is a touch colder than the air in the room, onto the sleeping person.

This should move the dust particles away from the person’s nose and face, eliminating the dust issue. Airsonett have recently completed a year long study which showed between 14% and 15% improvement in asthma symptoms in non smokers.

At the moment there isn’t a release date, or even a price attached to the Protexo. If you’re an asthma sufferer or know one, and you’d like more information you can go to the Airsonett website to find out more.Protexo Helps Asthmatics While SleepingProtexo Helps Asthmatics While SleepingProtexo Helps Asthmatics While Sleeping

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