LittleBits Pre-Assembled Circuit Board Modules for Electrical Projects


LittleBitsSome kids love to run around outside playing sports, others always have their nose in a book, whilst some like to be the centre of attention and are always performing.

Basically, all children are unique, and each one has a different idea of what they’d like to be when they grow up. If your little ones dream of being engineers, mechanics or inventors, LittleBits might be the perfect Christmas present for them this year.

The LittleBit set from ThinkGeek comes with everything your child needs to make their very own ‘future award-winning’ prototype. Don’t let the fact that its made for electronics projects persuade you that its too advanced for your child, putting stuff together is as simple as clicking two lego bricks together.

Within the stylish carrying case of LittleBits, you’ll find a 9V battery, some helpful instructions and 10 snap together modules that can do a variety of things; make sound, work as sensors, light up and basically do whatever your child wants them to do. The set ensure hours of fun for your little ones, even if their projects don’t end up going to plan.

The LittleBits set is available now and retails at around £85. It may not be the cheapest gift around, but why not think of it as an investment into their future – and perhaps yours instead?

If they become the next James Dyson or Steve Jobs, this gift could be just the starter they need, and will almost certainly ensure that you have a very comfortable retirement.LittleBits

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