LEAP Living-in-Nature Pod, a Natural Choice


Living-in-Nature PodModern life can be a bit too hard to handle sometimes. The tedious daily grind, made worse by the constant noise of the ever expanding range of technology we need to survive.

It would be wonderful if we could get back to basics and get away to nature, wouldn’t it? The trouble is that the winter months aren’t the cosiest option for quick getaways. Well LEAPfactory have come up with a solution to this.

The LEAP is a living in nature pod, which works like a small sanctuary for camping and wilderness fans. Each pod has four units inside it, that connect together to make a final structure.

LEAPfactory has designed the pod to offer the user ultimate comfort, by fixing a thermally insulated interior door to the interior composite shell. There are sleeping bunks inside the pod that are flexible enough for use with a number guests.

There’s a fully fitted kitchen too, and the pod’s living room can be opened out onto the landscape. It has a biological toilet fitted too. You can dispose of your waste whilst being environmentally minded. You’ll never have to squat over a hole in woods again.

If you’ve tried to get away from it all, but you can’t resist checking your phone or listening to some music, the pods are technology savvy too.

They feature integrated apparatus for charging your gadgets and are also able to perform a self diagnosis in bad weather conditions to protect you from any danger. Leap doesn’t have an expected RRP at the moment.Living-in-Nature Pod, SkiingLiving-in-Nature Pod, FeaturesLEAP Living Ecological Alpine PodLEAP Golf Concept

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