Wireless Payments Watch, the RumbaTime Go


RumbaTime Go Watch Card ConectIf you needed proof that time is money, here it is in the form of the RumbaTime “Go” watch. It is a digital watch, but it’s much more than that as well. For one, it can save all your key medical data so that in the event of a medical emergency (God forbid!) the first response team can easily obtain critical information such as blood type, known allergies, other medical conditions and so on.

The more exciting capability is that you can use the RumbaTime “Go” to make payments wirelessly. Nearly 180,000 merchants in the US already accept payment using this contactless payment protocol, with hundreds more added every day.

To activate both these features after you buy the watch, you need to set up an account on the official RumbaTime Go site using the 8 digit VITA number on the watch. Upload the medical information and link your account to your credit or debit card.

A few days later, you should get a chip. Insert the chip into your watch and you’re all set to make payments wirelessly. All you need to do is to pass the watch near a special scanner and boom- the payment’s made.

These scanners are becoming increasingly common and even some taxis are equipped so you can use your RumbaTime “Go” watch even to pay your cab fare. As a watch, it offers you the basic features you’d want- time, date, alarm, LED backlight. It comes in a variety of colours, including black, grey, blue, red and pink.

RumbaTime are the developers of this watch, you can see the project on KickStarter, they have 73 backers, however they failed to reach their target of $20,000.

RumbaTime Go Watch in many Colors

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