Vertical Chess, Perfect for a Game Over Time


Vertical ChessIf you’re a chess enthusiast, then you must have experienced the agony of having to leave a game unfinished for reasons such as the unbridled playfulness of a child regularly reaching out for the board and chess pieces. Such interruptions can be very frustrating if you have your nose ahead in the game. Conversely, the disruption may well have been a response to your silent but heartfelt prayer for succour that was triggered by your hopeless position against your wily rival.

With the wall-mounted chess set from Hammacher Schlemmer, you can enjoy your game without worrying about the pieces getting knocked over. If you are pressed for time, just adjourn the game until the same opponent is next available to continue the duel. No longer due you have to worry about having to preserve an unfinished game of chess. With one of these chess sets, a game could easily last several weeks.

This classy looking vertical chess board is made of cheery veneer. The “white” pieces are made of boxwood, and are therefore more cream or beige in colour. The “black” pieces are actually dark brown in colour, made as they are of rosewood. The board is like a vertical shelf with a frame. Each “row” is like a shelf, made of transparent acrylic.

Chess, which was invented in India, was actually a pastime for kings and courtiers in the ancient days. That is surely not the reason for the rather high price of $300 for this set, although for the hoi polloi, this price point will likely be seen as steep. But then for a true lover of chess, isn’t the warm glow of winning a game priceless?

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