Video Baby Monitor from Hush


Hush Video Baby MonitorChildren are unquestionably precious; but ask a bleary-eyed parent who has missed out on his or her sleep because of monitoring an infant child and you might find that for them, sleep is just as valuable.

If you’re one such parent, the Hush Video Baby Monitor is designed to help you. It is a monitoring system that transmits a constant stream of audio and video signals of the baby and its surroundings to a 3.5” TFT display screen that is placed in the parents’ room.

If the parents detect that the child is crying or otherwise awake and restless, they can talk to the child and soothe it. There are even five pre-programmed lullabies. For the child, just a voice is probably not as good as a voice accompanied by a warm cuddle from mummy; but it’s much better than nothing.

The gadget even monitors the temperature in the baby’s room. It also alerts you to low battery. Speaking of batteries, the parent monitor is powered by a Lithium polymer pack, while the baby unit needs 3 AAA batteries.

The baby unit can be wall-mounted or attached to your baby’s crib. It even has an infra-red camera that can monitor the baby in the dark and an LED night light for those times when you do have to go to the baby’s room. This system has a range of 50 m indoors.

There’s a clip that can be used to fasten the monitor to one’s belt. The monitor has an outdoors range of 300 m, which means you can clip the monitor on to your belt while clearing the snow. The unit is priced at £120; the batteries cost a couple of pounds more.

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