Smartphone Microscope Display, the SkyLight


SkyLight Smartphone Microscope DisplayAs more and more smartphones have hit the market, there has been an increase in the number of accessories as well. A growing accessory is a portable projector that connects to your smartphone and allows you to project the pictures, video or e-mail, on a screen. This would allow a group of people sitting in a room to comfortably view the picture or document or video without having to crowd over the phone itself.

Now someone is building a gadget that allows your smartphone to connect to a microscope and view the images on your smartphone. If you’re asking yourself what on earth is the point of such a gadget, you’re probably not the scientific researcher type who spends hours staring into a microscope.

The SkyLight Smartphone Microscope Display is aimed at providing a cost-effective solution to such researchers. There are other ways of connecting an advanced microscope to a display screen- but they are expensive. The SkyLight adapter connects your smartphone to your microscope and even allows you to take photographs and record videos of what you see. A few clicks and you can share the images with your co-researchers half a world away.

The SkyLight is made of lightweight plastic and weighs less than 5 ounces, which means it’s easy to carry with you. It is reported to be compatible with any smartphone and microscope. They’re still crowdsourcing for funds on Kickstarter so if you are willing to contribute $60, you may at some time in the future be a proud owner of a SkyLight Smartphone Microscope Display adapter.SkyLight Smartphone Microscope Display

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