Tiger & Turtle Roller Coaster, Walkable Art


Tiger and Turtle - Magic Mountain Roller CoasterDo you appreciate the beautiful twists and turns of a roller coaster, but tremble at the thought of getting onto one? Maybe you’re a speed freak, but that speed is slow? Well the  Tiger and Turtle Roller Coaster may be the ride for you.

OK, so it isn’t technically a “ride” and any fans of the similarly titled 2000 martial arts movie will no doubt be disappointed to learn that this isn’t a tie-in attraction either – you won’t find any hidden dragons here.

The special thing about this roller coaster is that you can walk across it. That’s right, you really did read that correctly, a “walking roller coaster”. The coaster was designed by sculptors Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth.

The steel and zinc creation has its home in Duisburg in Germany, and is a truly unique thing to behold. There won’t be any loop-de-loops around here, but you will be able to find a couple of dark and spooky twists and turns along with a healthy dose of drops that are unlikely to give even the most timid of those among you shaky legs.

For the princely sum of £1.50 you can join the ever expanding queue of those looking to get a gentle thrill on the world’s first walking roller coaster.

Yes it’s a cheap day out and a great bit of exercise, but for anyone living outside of Duisburg, the price of the plane ticket you need to get there will probably set more hearts racing than the ride ever could.Tiger and Turtle Roller CoasterTiger and Turtle Roller CoasterTiger and Turtle Roller CoasterTiger and Turtle Roller Coaster

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