Cotton Candy USB Computer, Running Android OS


Cotton Candy offers Android on your DesktopGoogle Android has been quite the success story. After starting out on HTC to less than enthusiastic reviews, it didn’t seem like Google’s foray into the smart phone market was going to pay off. Fast forward a few years and you’ll find an Android OS on over half of the smart phones on sale.

Its not surprising then, that with its overwhelming success, that they would want to branch outside of the phone world and into the realm of home computing.

Although most of what we’ve heard so far about an Android Desktop has been rumour, FXI technologies are poised to release a product that could easily advance Google’s cause.

The Cotton Candy USB device is FXI’s very clever idea for delivering a super computer from a USB stick. Yes a USB stick – those little things that you lose all the time! You simply plug the device into your existing PC or Mac and watch the windowed Android desktop appear.

The USB stick comes with 1GB RAM, a 1.2GHZ processor and with the handy HDMI connector that comes in the box, you can even boot the Android OS onto your TV.

The name is something quite special – if you are hoping to sell a product to a wide demographic don’t name it after something pink, fluffy and beloved by young children.

This gripe aside, the USB desktop device is pretty cool. Expect to see it on some shelves near you in the second half of next year. The current expected RRP is around $200 (£129).

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