Solar Powered Gadget Bag, the Piggyback


Piggyback Solar Powered GadgetbagWe’re all worried about the impact we have on the environment and would no doubt do anything to ensure that we leave a beautiful planet behind for our children to enjoy. Anything, as long as it doesn’t interfere with our gadgets though.

For those of you with an eco conscience there is the Piggyback Solar Powered Gadgetbag. With this nifty little device you can carry around all of your must have items; your smart phone, your laptop, your WiFi tablet, your iPod – you name it this will carry it, and more importantly power them too!

This solar powered little beauty uses conveniently free sunshine to create an output of 1000ma, which can be used as 5.6V if used via USB.

The bag has an incorporated 8-inch by 12-inch solar panel that is flexible enough for you to cram the bag full of stuff without fear of damaging its USP. If you love the idea but don’t want to stop using your favourite bag, re-examine the products name – the Piggyback.

Just like you got a piggyback on your parents’ shoulders as a child, the straps and buckles of the gadget bag can attach its solar panel to any of your bags, making them much more interesting.

If you’re thinking this sounds good, but don’t fancy its solar powers in the UK’s delightfully grey climate, don’t worry! The gadgetbag comes complete with an inbuilt backup 800mAh Li Ion battery, to ensure that your gadgets keep going for just as long as you do.Piggyback on Your Own Bag

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