Rearview Mirror with GPS, Wireless Camera and Media Player

| November 26, 2011 | Comments

What can you do with your rearview mirror? Check for parking spaces? See if anyone is driving a bit too close to the back of your car? Spy on attractive joggers as they run past you? Well all of that is in the past now, because there’s something a lot more interesting for you to do!

Chinavasion, a Hong Kong based gadget emporium, have designed a rearview mirror kit that can transform your every day car accessory into a multimedia unit.

Let’s put the obvious safety issues aside for the moment and check out the gadget’s specifications. The GPS and bluetooth enabled unit has a 4.3 inch touchscreen display, speakers and a microphone.

It’s powered by a SiRF Atlas V1 chip and has a 500 MHz processor. It also comes with a wireless rearview camera, that should help you with parking and is possibly its only safe driving feature.

The unit can support MP4, AVI, WMV, MP3, WMA and WAV files for your entertainment delights. You can also play games on the display. How you are expected play a touchscreen game on your rearview mirror is a bit baffling though.

Regardless of the range of games available, on a long car journey you’re probably going to reach for your phone to play some Angry Birds instead. You can use it as a GPS device, by downloading Tom Tom, iGO or Route66 software onto it too.

If you fancy adding one of these to your car, you can buy one of the kits from Chinavasion. They currently retail at $200 (£129).

Source: Chinavasion