Kinect for Windows, Microsoft PC-centric


Microsoft PC-centric Kinect for WindowsMicrosoft are giving back! Don’t get too excited, you won’t be receiving refunds for your beloved XBOX 360s or your shiny new Windows phones – they’re giving back to business.

The big wigs at the company have recently announced the ‘Kinect for Windows Commercial Programme, which according to them could “not only improve their own operations, but potentially revolutionise entire industries”.

How exactly are they planning to do this you wonder? Well, it’s all about providing the tools for application development. A brand new PC-centric version of the XBOX 360 Kinect will be unveiled sometime in the near future and will include hardware components and firmware adjustments that have been fully optimised for close up PC use.

So it’ll be out with the wide open environment of the gaming Kinect and in with the up close and personal office experience of a PC.

On first inspection there haven’t been that many changes made. A shorter cable here, an added dongle there, but Microsoft has some very lofty ambitions for the future of these new devices too.

One of the most interesting ideas being bandied about is the use of the “close-up Kinect” as a new set of eyes for those with visual impairment.

Using the new firmware addition of “Near mode” objects as close as 50cm away can be viewed clearly with degradation down to 40cm, using the depth camera. This could be used to eliminate the issue of having to bring a guide dog to into your corporate working environment.

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